Lessons are scheduled on Sundays between 4pm and 6:30pm, Mondays between 7:30am and 9am, Wednesdays from 4pm-8:30pm, and Fridays between 7:30am and 9am, and between 4pm and 8:30pm. A calendar showing teaching weeks and non-teaching weeks will be distributed each September.

Termination and Discontinuing Lessons

If the student wishes to discontinue lessons, 30 days' notice is required.
​Lessons will be terminated if any of the following becomes habitual:
-Failure to pay on time
-Excessive absences that inhibit progress
-Failure to be prepared for lessons
-Inappropriate or disrespectful behavior during lessons 
-Damage or disrespect of property


Tuition for the month’s lessons is due by the 1st of every month. I will order books and materials needed for lessons and provide parents with a statement of the amount owed which will be paid at the next lesson. 

There are 32 weekly lessons September through May. Monthly tuition fee is $88 for 30 minute lessons. 

Payments can be mailed at the studio address or submitted at the lesson.

Returned checks for insufficient funds will result in a fee of $30.

Studio Policies


I expect students to have an acoustic piano at home to practice on. The weighted keys are crucial for students to develop healthy technique that electronic keyboards cannot provide. It must be in good working order so that students can get excited to play piano! This means having it tuned yearly, having working pedals, and a sturdy, comfortable bench.​


In order to progress and accomplish the student’s goals, lesson attendance is expected and mandatory. Lessons can be rescheduled if the student is ill or has a family emergency that prevents them from attending their normal lesson time if I am notified 24 hours in advance. A no-show without 24 hour notice is a forfeited lesson. ​

All students are expected to take part in studio classes (an informal, students-only performance opportunity, occurring at least twice a semester), and the annual Spring recital. My students also have the opportunity to participate in Minnesota Music Teachers Association programs, like the State Contest, piano and theory exams, and the Playathon at Mall of America. 


The only way we improve in anything is through daily practice. Many people tell me, “I wish I had practiced more!” or “I wish I hadn’t given up piano!” What they didn’t realize as young students is that hard work trumps talent, and the act of hard work and setting out to accomplish a goal no matter the outcome is the most rewarding factor of all. It is an enriching journey that takes time, patience, discipline, and a positive outlook. For young beginners, 15 minutes of daily practice is recommended, gradually working up to 30 minutes. For older or intermediate students, 30-40 minutes is the key to progress.