My music has been performed by some terrific ensembles, in churches, schools,  Orchestra Hall, and Landmark Center.  Some past collaborations have been with VocalEssence, Fargo-Moorhead Choral Artists, the Ripon College Chamber Singers, and the Pasadena Master Chorale. 
I'm inspired by novels, the remarkable lives of normal people, the melodies of American roots music, the colors of 
Debussy, and a good walk. All of these things, combined with my experiences as a pianist and teacher, inform the music I write. It makes for a rich musical life!

Hop over to my 'Works' page to hearperuse, or purchase my music!


​​​Other Fun Stuff

I was on Episode 92 of the Choir Chat Podcast, hosted by conductor John C. Hughes.

The Growler interviewed composer Carol Barnett and I about VocalEssence ReMix, a program for emerging composers in Minnesota.

I wrote three essays for Classical MPR about shape note singing,
women in classical music, and the music that helps me relax